APOLEN Business Energetics was founded by Martin Apolen in 2018 with the aim of promoting harmony among people. Harmony serves as the basis of a successful and happy life, both in the private and in the professional environment. This not only contributes to an increase in the quality of life, but also to the full development of one's own potential.


Martin Apolen (born in 1974) has degrees in Metaphysics from Vienna, Kuala Lumpur and in Slovakia. He brings many years of experience from the Far East, with a focus on feng shui, qigong, kung-fu and Chinese medicine. Coupled with his successful business activities, he offers fascinating methods and solutions in Business Energetics that have benefited his clients for many years.


Whether you are running a business, wanting to live a happy and healthy life as an individual or seeking a successful career, APOLEN Business Energetics offers its clients tailor-made solutions - from small to large projects - with the utmost discretion.

Business Energetics

For companies & business people
  • Measures to strengthen the financial flows
  • Conflict management inside and outside the business area
  • Methods for increasing business efficiency
  • Approaches to securing and increasing the capital
  • More stability in business activity through market analysis and ongoing forecasts

For private individuals

  • Methods for improving the quality of life and vitality
  • Increased vitality through the reduction of disharmony such as physical or emotional pain, sleep problems, depression, lack of strength and listlessness, etc.
  • Greater joy in life and increased stamina for day-to-day activities through proven, meditative processes
  • Increased self-confidence and success both in private life and at work
  • Greater stability and harmony in the social environment, in the family, with friends, etc.